Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. 10 2010 66lbs LOST!!!!

Good Grief! I'm such a slacker with this blog. Good thing I'm only doing it as a journal for my own use. Hope the two of you who've seen it enjoy :) LOL!

YES! I've lost 66lbs! Feeling GREAT! realized the other day I could sit in a chair and bend over to tie my shoes! LOL!!!!!! no kidding!

Slowed down a bit in January due to some family travel and stuff. Was eating more processed food than I should have. Did NOT gain though :) Started a few days ago hitting it hard again with the more natural foods and fresh fruits/vegies.


In over 6 months I have still NOT had meat - soda - desserts! This feels so good!


  1. That's great Debbie! Way to go. I love how you've decided to make a lifestyle change instead of just going on a diet. Do you feel a difference in your energy level, etc as well?